EIA U.S. Energy Mapping System

eia.gov⁄state⁄maps.php“Welcome to the U.S. Energy Mapping System. Please explore all of the options available to you within the map above. There are many features and options available through the Layers/Legend menu including our recommended map views on a variety of subjects as well as the ability to customize mapping layer options that may better suit your energy needs.”





“The map below explores data from Fracfocus obtained in May 2015.”: http://snappartnership.net/groups/hydraulic-fracturing/webapp/fracfocus.html

“The dashboard displays spills data from unconventional oil and gas wells located in four states.”: http://snappartnership.net/groups/hydraulic-fracturing/webapp/spills.html

“The dashboard uses the same spills data as in the Pathway Analysis tool, but focuses on displaying the volume of spills based on the material spilled and whether the spill was reported to have impacted surface of groundwater.”: http://snappartnership.net/groups/hydraulic-fracturing/webapp/spills_materials.html